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Amber Cooper-Davies

about 16 minutes ago
Hey @HMRCcustomers could I suggest that you separate out the automatic announcements in your hold music a bit more?… https://t.co/CkP47elfQY

Mike (Niche Twins)

@marshal @DeLaMurphy
about 32 minutes ago
@marshal @DeLaMurphy Just bought our dream home last week…not all decisions are financial decisions. Some are famil… https://t.co/Ru0cgbb24i


about 36 minutes ago
@elonmusk On the same note, your customer service is horrible. What a bad experience so far. Our new tesla is waiti… https://t.co/m6Ud8gdfPU

jeff silvers

about 44 minutes ago
@HMRCcustomers why can't your helpline tell callers where they are on the list? We've been on hold for 50mns alrea… https://t.co/FiWxMPXMq8


about 49 minutes ago
Tatum Gave Them A Good Ass Run...Too Bad Revenge Tour Put On Hold 😭 https://t.co/nvwNPflF81

Matt Sowinski

about 53 minutes ago
@TangerineBank customer service is truly awful. I LOVE waiting on hold for 2 hours to have the system kick me back… https://t.co/74leWtF04v

Eat With Ellen

about 1 hours ago
@BrittanyFerries I'm wondering if maybe you need hold music that lasts longer than 20/30 seconds. I've now heard th… https://t.co/BpqsRbeEQ1


@sharontokki @CIMB_Assists @CIMBMalaysia
about 1 hours ago
RT @sharontokki: cimb... @CIMB_Assists @CIMBMalaysia there's no general maintenance announcements and FPX, JomPay & duitnow should be avai…

James Moriarty

about 1 hours ago
What @Chase means when they say Private Client - is when they put you on hold for an hour, you get slightly less an… https://t.co/cce7aqktyt

Damien C-C

about 1 hours ago
RT @monjalexander: Currently on hold with Immigration Canada with an expected wait time of 41 minutes BUT hold music has so far been a Chop…

Monica Alexander

about 1 hours ago
Currently on hold with Immigration Canada with an expected wait time of 41 minutes BUT hold music has so far been a… https://t.co/ZRWxJIPwrK

L A U R A ... ♥🌼

about 1 hours ago
1hr 40 mins on hold to HMRC I will humming the hold music in my sleep I'm sure

JDM, duh.

about 1 hours ago
when u on hold and you get excited because there's a break in the music and you start talking but it's just the "we… https://t.co/KYCYbobDNJ


about 2 hours ago
Why am i on hold w/ a county clerk and THEY GOT HOOKED ON A FEELING AS THE HOLD MUSIC HELLOOO NEMO

Angelo Agrizzi - "Nonno Extraordinaire"

about 2 hours ago
Facts are omitted simply in order to create a narrative Reference is made to the Bosasa Liquidation - This has been… https://t.co/r9RZr4IVHa


about 2 hours ago
Over the years I’ve done so much for my family and their business, I’ve put so much shit on hold for summers/years… https://t.co/K68HV7VB9m


about 2 hours ago
All music releases are on hold till the funding needed to copyright and Mastering comes through! Please keep hold… https://t.co/x6m2va3aMi

Pushpendra Gurjar

about 2 hours ago
customer care persons listened & they told me to be on hold,I waited almost 20 min twice & they put me on hold and… https://t.co/UodaeDa5LI

Cristian Ojog

about 2 hours ago
dear @BritishGas why do customer service workers randomly hang up 30 min into a call while you're on hold? serious… https://t.co/AKiDpp0I6q

c!dapduo quotes !!

about 3 hours ago
im happy you stood your ground quackity and- hang on. 'hold my ground against authority' ok, no! / well, listen, ag… https://t.co/AM5Hcxr7Ab


about 3 hours ago
On hold for 40+ minutes so far w/ our help desk has been a fun start to my Monday morning 🫠. Having to listen to th… https://t.co/DuIGr91qAH

Iceberg Thick!

about 3 hours ago
@JudusMaximus So no accountability on DMX’s part for him constantly getting in trouble with the law, putting music on hold?

Isles of Scilly Travel Update

about 3 hours ago
20/03/2023 Flights remain on hold due to bad weather conditions.


about 3 hours ago
I think if Eminem wasn’t white his music would also change https://t.co/gUW6u94DtQ

Manu Gupta

about 3 hours ago
RT @river_is_nice: Must suck to be a soft jazz musician because nobody can listen to your music without feeling like they're on hold with t…


about 4 hours ago
I hope in the future we have the ability to link our Spotify to phone calls so when we’re stuck on hold we can list… https://t.co/pjWW0grpPm


about 5 hours ago
@WestNorthants On the phone on hold, did you design it to be as annoying as possible? A voice saying “Please be awa… https://t.co/V35ccckK0X

Melvyn Mathews

about 5 hours ago
@HMRCgovuk I've just waited for 45 minutes for my call to be finally me answered, the caller takes my details, puts… https://t.co/gsl8G8VH5S

Mr. Magic 👀

about 5 hours ago
RT @tonygig: The “your Netflix/Amazon/Venmo account is on hold” SPAM texts are already boring. Scammers are running out of ideas.


about 5 hours ago
Wouldn’t rule out the club briefing that for a stronger stance in negotiations because every big money signing we’v… https://t.co/ynj6a9ZwjZ

Cate Cody 🌳🌍💚

about 6 hours ago
@Stagecoach_West Been on hold (with music on a loop...) for over 15 mins now.... is there an email address please?

Wayne Phillips

about 6 hours ago
@MWEBTweets (lack of?) customer service - totally useless. Zero accountability, staff bad attitude - take it or lea… https://t.co/erJRkCsBBL

technical finder

about 7 hours ago
Won't lie, kicked myself this morning when I realised I hadn't put my delivery on hold. Between cost of living a ch… https://t.co/lPVxATgTJ4

lucaca ✨👑🤑🔥

about 7 hours ago
RT @beezusworldx: The war outside our door keeps ragin’ on / Hold on to this lullaby even when the music's gone https://t.co/GFJeiw0YXS

🖤 Klárka 🖤

about 7 hours ago
RT @beezusworldx: The war outside our door keeps ragin’ on / Hold on to this lullaby even when the music's gone https://t.co/GFJeiw0YXS


about 7 hours ago
On Hold💣💣💣by#NFTCommunity #NFTGiveaway #music #photography #nftcollectors #Japan #Ethereum #art #CleanNFT #btc #BNB #indiedev #indie


about 9 hours ago


@AmericanAir @WomenInAviation
about 9 hours ago
@AmericanAir @WomenInAviation My wife has been on hold for nearly 2 hours after the customer service number called… https://t.co/6PbauHAbIG

shiva baby

about 9 hours ago
so I work at a hotel, and I had a front desk agent from another hotel calling me to send a guest over because they’… https://t.co/NNxwX5dJmr

Baron von Klar Esq ✠🛩️ aus.social/@baronvonklar

about 10 hours ago
Maybe if @Centrelink is going to keep people on hold for hours they could somehow work out how to stop the awful wa… https://t.co/jgpKAcCTeT


@ChrisSm66320879 @billdubs @CNN @AlvinBraggNYC
about 11 hours ago
@ChrisSm66320879 @billdubs @CNN @AlvinBraggNYC Again you clearly are not from NY . You know Trump the guy you elect… https://t.co/PN5owpsG4h


about 11 hours ago
Just played wee chicken with the on hold music and won... this time anyway 🤣

Esther Gunn

about 12 hours ago
RT @Mr_McGarrah: Teacher contract renewal season is here…maybe? So many questions, so few answers…even now… LEARNS is bad news and #arleg d…

rach ⚡

about 12 hours ago
i was so desperate i put a physical copy on hold even though i prefer digital comics but it still hadn't come in ye… https://t.co/hyayfn90oO

Rufous McKinney

@ladaniella @gb4bedfordfalls
about 12 hours ago
RT @ladaniella: @gb4bedfordfalls That’s how shitty lives have become. Happy people don’t hate, typically. It’s the everyday bullshit of try…

Jimena Gutierrez

about 12 hours ago
bad bunny on hold rn I think I’m in my rauw era


@fa_ldz @blockchain
about 12 hours ago
@fa_ldz @blockchain Mines been 1 month on hold. $20k. I HATE BLOCKCHAIN

Dane Samilo

about 12 hours ago
@csmithsci I still mask in public places. Who wants COVID? Or the flu? Or any number of airborne diseases? 🤷‍♂️ Min… https://t.co/6iXAwSi92r


@Svictor999 @PontiacMadeDDG
about 13 hours ago
@Svictor999 @PontiacMadeDDG He definitely got new music on hold, he be in d studio to much 😂🔥🔥

Gian Rivero

about 13 hours ago
RT @MaxNordau: We have plenty of real, verified examples of our politicized justice system. Why lie about this? Bad look for Team Trump.…

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